So I've been told that you're supposed to make the about page about your reader.

And although I see the value in that, as I started writing out this page's content, I felt like, "oh, that's really just another attempt to sell people on something you probably need since you're here. But I give you plenty of opportunities to buy already. Can we just have a section that does what it's supposed to do: be ABOUT me and the website?"

And after all that internal battling, I decided to share my story instead.

(If you prefer something that's about you, start with any one of my blog posts, toolbox items, or other resource pages.)

So, Why the heck is Goff Creative in existence?

Because, frankly, I got tired of all the poo-slinging in most "online business advice" I saw from many authorities in my niche.

With over 10 years experience in off-line entrepreneurial ventures, I knew transitioning to the online realm wasn't going to be easy.

Building an email list with
  • I had no authority online.
  • I had no audience.
  • I had no social presence.
  • I was using a computer for business (for the first time other than just for Excel) on a refurbished Macbook Pro my husband bought for me as a "thank you for leaving direct sales" gift.

So, I took to researching. (Because that's just how I roll.)

I wanted to do a million different things. But I knew I needed to focus if I wanted to create a successful business.

Oh, trust me... I ran into a lot of malarkey in my searches. (Which seems to just be getting worse and worse, yeah?)

All the "explode your email list" and "grow your blog to $10k overnight" and "I started my blog 9 months ago so now I'm an expert teaching YOU how to blog" bullshit flooding the Internet—I knew there had to be a sleaze-less way to build an authority site, not based on solely "passive income" or "build your online course". 

I wanted to create a site that taught other solo entrepreneurs how to start, sustain, and grow a personally and financially successful business through blogging, productivity, and tapping into multiple streams of income.

Because it takes time to build a successful business [with a conscience].

But when you do it right and you do it well, your customers, readers and followers don't need you to bullshit around in attempts to get them to buy and share.

They'll do it because you asked. Because they trust you.

Because they like you.

And back in 2014 when I was just starting out online, there wasn't a single, streamlined site that brought me those key factors of:

That's it. Simple enough, right?

But I never quite found that light at the end of the murky, bullshit-filled tunnel.

So, I built it instead.

And now, after working with some of my incredible clients, customers, and even other online entrepreneurs—we tested and approved some simple, easy-to-apply strategies to help you.

With that said, where do you want to start?

"I want to create better, smarter content to grow my solo business online (and off)."


"I want long-term, easy-to-apply strategies to be a more productive solopreneur."


"I want growth [hacking] strategies to help me succeed, organically, in my solo business."


I hope you get tons of great information, tips, ideas, and more on this site.

I'm committed to making my business (and yours) a continual success, so please let me know if there's anything I can do to help you.

Contact me directly via email, or connect with me @GoffCreative on Twitter.

I can't wait to hear from you.


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