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I'm Sara Eatherton-Goff.

And I'm a writer, visual artist, and mom of three living with one foot in a story and the other in "real life," or whatever that's supposed to mean.

I've officially been a storyteller since childhood, coming up with elaborate tales, even before I knew how to write them down. Yes, some might call those tall tales, but let's just pretend that I was a perfect child who blossomed into a relatively sane adult who holds writing right up there with breathing on the Scale of Importance.

I wrote professionally (business stuff) for just shy of 6 years before I decided that jumping off the creative wagon was on par with one of the worst things I've ever done.

(Not kidding.)

For example, I was a Business major in college, and minored in Creative Writing.

I chased what I thought was a more financially secure future while abandoning the best pieces of myself almost entirely.

And that's what "The New" Goff Creative is all about—stripping the  business, business, business part of my programming down to it's core and fashioning a creative future out of it, like I intended to do when I bought the domain name all those years ago.

Goff Creative is me.

A few little known facts about me:

  • Former opera singer. I still sing, when I'm really happy and prepared to hear my middle child tell me I'm too loud.

  • College dropout. I saw an opportunity for gainful employment in the arena of my major sans degree and I jumped on it. No regrets.

  • I met my husband when I was pregnant with my first daughter. I fought tooth and nail to show him that we were great for each other. Two years later we were married, then came Daughter Number Two, and Number Three shortly after that... Needless to say, I convinced him well. *Insert sunglasses emoji here*

  • I have a hard time staying focused while reading fantasy novels. I can't connect with the content, and boy have I tried... But watching fantasy-like movies can be fun and enjoyable.

  • I have a Kindle Reader in my bathroom… That's the only way I'm able to read 1-2 books a week.

  • I write to live. Writing is my therapy, my connection to the world, and the only way I should communicate (since I tend to ramble and say socially inappropriate things when speaking to strangers).

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What am I working on now?

I'm glad you asked.

Presently I'm writing some short fiction and non-fiction pieces to submit to a few major publications. If (or when) there are rejections—which I fully expect—you'll likely find them on a few of my favorite Medium publications.

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