Selected pieces I've written from around the web.


"It's All Immaterial"—A Short Story

And there it was, the answer he never expected.

Three months to live and nothing can be done. He could start chemotherapy, but as his doctor said: “It may extend your life for a few months, however, it’s going to be miserable. Chemotherapy may just make your last few months unbearable. I’m sorry.”

Thanks, Doc.

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Words on a Whisper

The ideas used to flow like the constant river, connecting lakes and oceans just brimming with them.

They never stopped.

Then one day they vanished, without a trace. A single idea would spark and she decided to never take those gifts for granted.

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"No More Second Chances"—A Short Story

Her life was one that housewives watched on Facebook, longing for a moment in her shoes.

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Girl, Anew

That girl, she’s gone now.
She was numb, but felt everything.

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That's A Twenty Well Spent

I gave twenty dollars to a woman on the side of the road today.

I rarely look at the people with cardboard signs and cheap marker ink staining their fingertips. But today was different.

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