A 4-product pack essential to new and [re]freshing solopreneurs.


  • the New[er] Solopreneur eBook
  • the Business Spreadsheets Pack
  • the #4DayGoals eBook
  • the #MyBestWeek Planner
  • Linked mini-eBook companion


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Imagine having your ideal business action plan right at your finger tips.

This plan, a thorough, action-step drive plan that you'll follow for upwards of a year. That's a pretty serious deal, huh?

You can ride the wave with your sleek, wave-slicing surfboard (this bundle), or risk getting snagged by the undertow (no plan, prep, or punctuality).

I remember what it was like. Just 4 years ago, I was starting up my first primarily online business. A design agency.

I'd worked off-line for years and years, but realized there was so much opportunity online that if I didn't jump in as soon as the idea tickled my thought stream, I'd get left behind in the dried up embankment.

Or, simply, miss out on a crap load of opportunities...

Now, being on a "you've got a family of 5 to worry about budget", I had my refurbished MacBook Pro, my planner, and a voracious mind—ready to tackle anything.

Sad part is, a budget and a busy life outside of your beloved business makes taking the "long road" 20x longer than the no-ties side hustler's.

So, everything I learned came from eBooks, Kindle books, books, and some low-price courses when first starting out. And it still took over 2 years to start getting some decent traction online.

Now, don't get me wrong. A long journey can be an incredible one.

But you need to be prepared for it. You need to be tracking it. You need to be progressing and changing and "going with the flow".

And after so many stumbles came some beautiful successes.

With those successes, I've built an incredible, supportive audience that loves to hear from me every week in their email inboxes.

And laser-cut down the center of all those starting learned, acquired, and experienced growth strategies, planning, tracking, goal setting, and business development practices lies this bundle.

The best of the business batch.

The Ultimate Business Bundle.

The Ultimate Business Bundle | New[er] Solopreneur Handbook, The Business Spreadsheets Pack, #MyBestWeek Planner, and #4DayGoals | GoffCreative.com


  • goal development, setting, and action planning
  • planning, record keeping, and tracking
  • weekly and monthly action step-foundation laying
  • having the know-how to start and maintain a solopreneur business

...all add up to a profitable, respectable, and withstanding business you can be proud of.

In this 4-product bundle you get:

Product 1. The Newer Solopreneur e-Book


  • the basics to setting up and maintaining your [online] business (but in a more fun and interesting way than you might've already done)—including resources, tools, planning, prep, monetization and more
  • key action steps broken down into easy-to-digest strategies and tips from an experienced entrepreneur and observer
  • exclusive access to free content and courses [no longer available directly to the public]
  • bonus tools, printables, and resources I've used to grow and maintain my business—most all free, some are paid suggestions from my store and from others

Product 2. The Business Spreadsheets Pack


A set of Microsoft Excel + Apple iWork Numbers Spreadsheets

6 tabs (spreadsheets) within both formats containing:

  • Monthly / Weekly Planning Sheet
  • Content Planning Sheet (Monthly)
  • Growth Metrics (Full Breakdown)
  • Social / Blog Content (Plan + Rolling List for reference)
  • Email Content List
  • Blog Post Updating (Tracking + Schedule)

Instructional Growth Guide eBook

  • Full suggested uses for your spreadsheets
  • Links to specific content to help your growth strategy
  • Exclusive tips and strategies strewn through the eBook
  • BONUS: Email content PDF cheat sheet [link]
  • A total of 16 detailed pages

Product 3. #4DayGoals e-Book + Workbook


How to discover your deep-residing potential to realize, map out, and achieve any goal you put your mind, plan, and action steps to. You'll learn strategies on:

  • Dream Clarification
  • [Defining] Your Vision
  • Defining Your Offer
  • Analyzing Your Competitors
  • Finding Out Who Wants Your Offer?
  • S.M.A.R.T. Breakdown
  • Goal Factors
  • Exclusive Goal Breakdown Strategy
  • Scheduling Your Goal
  • Motivation + Bonus Worksheets
  • What To Do Next

Product 4. #MyBestWeek 52-Week (12 Months) Planner


  • How to Use [Directions and Suggestions]
  • A 2016 At-A-Glance Calendar
  • 1 Full Year of Content or Year Planning Breakdown (for reference)
  • 53 weeks (each) of:
    • Contacts box (or for more notes)
    • Notes box
    • Powerhouse Quote (for inspiration)
    • Main Tasks Sidebar Strip
    • Appointments or Notes for the week
    • 6 Most Important Things Daily Checklists
  • 20 pages of notes
  • A total of 139 pages (including cover)

4 Essential Products Bundled Into A Business-Heightening Package.

The Ultimate Business Bundle is for a new or intermediate solo entrepreneur looking to enhance, grow, or maintain your:

  • personal and professional goals
  • action steps
  • content plan
  • content strategy
  • weekly strategy and management
  • overall productivity, planning, and organization

Become A Stronger, More Productive Solopreneur.
Start Here.


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I'm just starting out. Should I go with this whole package or just start out with one or two of your other products? [Like the #BlogStrategy Planner and the Workshop without the weekly planner.]

That's entirely up to you. But, as a fellow blogger, I use the Weekly planner religiously. It's a great system-enhancer and keeps me organized throughout the month, week, each day—so on. The #BlogStrategy Planner is a development planner. Meaning you can do all your brainstorming and organizing for up to 12 months at a time in it—for your blog and your business. But, the weekly planner is intended to be used as an accentuating tool to whatever you're using to plan out your months and further with. 

All in all, if you decide to go with one or two of the other products without purchasing this package, and later get all three, you simply end up spending a few more dollars for it.

This package was designed to help blogger's get the most benefit out of an organized system—these 3 products all working together.

If you choose to break it up, that's cool, too. Whatever works best for you and your present situation.

How long does it take to get the download?

Depending on your Internet connection, as soon as your credit card is processed through Stripe or PayPal, your download will be emailed to you [almost] immediately.

Be sure to save that email with your link in it. The link is good for up to 1 year—just in case you "misplace" your copy.

How should I print the printable items?

There are simple instructions for printing on the back of the front page.

But, to answer your question, you can:

  • Print in black and white for less expensive printing costs.
  • It prints best through a laser printer, but an inkjet printer will work fine, too.
  • Print front to back.
  • It can be used in a 3-ring binder, or spiral-bound at home or in an office store like Office Depot / Max or Staples.

What if I hate it?

I highly doubt you'll hate it if you use it. My policy is no returns on digital products—eBooks, planners, etc. You cannot [honestly] return it to me, so there are no refunds. Courses have a 90-day return policy, and Amazon-purchased products have a 30-day return policy handled through Amazon.

More questions?

Reach out to me via the contact page.