Blossoming Your Killer Content Plan In As Little As 90 Minutes.

Your workshop purchase includes:

  • the 90-minute, 2-module Content Planning Workshop
  • 45-page Content Planner (PDF)
  • 6 bonus worksheets (PDF)
  • private page access


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The Content Planning Workshop Is A Step-By-Step Video Guide That Walks New[ish] Bloggers Through Keyword + Market Research...
(the less tedious way.)

It's split into 2 module video segments—foundation development, and action planning and strategy—plus bonus worksheets to maintain your content strategy, and the 45-page Content Planner to continue your content journey with.

Watch the CPW Intro now:

This Workshop Shows You

  • how to develop your blog from a peek at what you’re passionate about, where your expertise lies, and what your audience wants
  • how to pull keywords from those results to use for search engine optimization (SEO), for finding your competitors (the people you should be studying and "stealing strategies" from, for finding your audience, and defining your niche
  • how to analyze your competitors to see what they’re doing well at and what they’re lacking in (so you can fill the void in your niche)
  • how and where to find your ideal target audience through yourself and through your competitors’ audiences (even if you don’t currently have a blog nor any email subscribers)
  • how to briefly summarize your blog, audience, your purpose and more as a setting to your entire online process (the foundation to your website, brand, tone, voice, content, etc.)
  • [plus] key pointers on how to map out up to 12 months of your content journey
The Content Planning Workshop: 90-minute, 2-module videos, the 45-page Content Planner, and 6 bonus content maintenance worksheets |

What You Get

  • the 90-minute, 2-module Workshop videos
  • the 45-page Content Planner
  • content suggestions to continue your growth strategy with
  • 6 Bonus Worksheets:
    • a "Build Your Positive Online Reputation" Workbook
    • a content and offer analysis worksheet
    • the "Define Your Website's (and Content's) Purpose" Worksheets
    • the "Ultimate Blog Post Walkthrough" Worksheet
    • the "Create Pin-able Images" worksheet
    • the exclusive "Developing Your Perfect Email" worksheet

"I blogged for 3 years with NO audience! This Workshop has seriously helped me figure out WHO WANTS what I want to write about, WHERE I can find them, and HOW I can get them to come read my blog! I grew my email list from 18 people to 367+ in 3 months (WAY more than my goal of 100!) who are actually BUYING my fashion e-book and everything! I'm SO grateful, Sara! I love everything about this course and I'll promote it forever!!"

—Ashley Frank, Fashion Blogger

What You'll Learn

  • how to find your audience (even if you don’t have one right now)
  • how to find and use the right keywords for SEO (search engine optimization) and hashtags, etc.
  • how to come up with profitable project and blog post ideas

Create The Strongest Content Plan You Can Fathom With This 8-Product Content Planning Pack


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How do the [worksheets and workbook] fit in with the videos? Are they follow-along PDFs?

No, they're not necessarily follow-along bonuses. They're intended to assist you in your long-term content planning and development. 

A lot of customers have used the strategies taught in the workshop, brainstormed on paper, and then organized into the 45-page Content Planner's as finalized details.

The worksheets and workbook are simply bonus content exclusive to Workshop buyers.

What if I don't learn anything from it?

Unless you're a master content planner and marketer, I can guarantee that you will learn something (if not a lot) from this workshop. This workshop is non-refundable. 

Since you cannot, honestly, return it to me, there are no refunds on this product.

Full courses have a 90-day return policy, and any Amazon-purchased products can be returned through Amazon within 30 days of purchase.

No digital products are refundable.

How long does it take to get access to the course?

Depending on your Internet connection, as soon as your credit card is processed through PayPal (or Stripe), your access page download will be emailed to you [almost] immediately through Digital Product Delivery (DPD).

Be sure to save that email with your link in it. The link is good for up to 1 year—just in case you "misplace" your copy.

More questions?

Reach out to me via the contact page.