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For the best outcome overall, here's a little info on my audience:

  • they enjoy posts on productivity, growth hacking, and business—particularly on working from home.
  • they're composed of solo entrepreneurs—people who already have their own self-run businesses, direct sellers, or people looking for information before starting a solo business. If you pitch me with content that talks about "employees" or "small business owners", I won't respond to your email. 
  • they love details—step-by-step and methodical posts, and don't forget about those well-planned list posts, too. (Always winners here.)


  • Only posts with 1,000+ words will be accepted. (If you can create a killer, detailed post in less than 1,000 words, I'm willing to check it out.)

  • Although I edit everything that's published, if your post becomes a "job" to edit, I won't publish it.

  • If you're going to submit a "How To" post in some form, you must include action step(s) with every point made. No half-assed content will be published.

  • Read a few of my most recent posts to get a feel for how I write—I use contractions and dance across the line of "your somewhat geeky, no-bullshit friend who loves business, productivity, and growth hacking". With that said, I want *your* personality to peek through—not like you hired a copywriter from India who doesn't give a shit about you, me, nor the readers. (Capeesh?)

  • Keep the writing clean-ish (I did just say "bullshit" and "shit" in the same bullet point...), simple enough for a 5th grade reading level—go with "grow fast" instead of "burgeon" (no show-offs, please), and break those paragraphs up—2-3 sentence paragraphs, max.

  • Your post submission must be original and published only on Goff Creative's blog.

NOTE: I'll create the lead blog image(s) for your post. But you'll need to provide any additional images—like examples, screenshots, etc.—that need to accompany your post.

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  • Your post submission needs to come in a Google Doc with all images and links inserted where you would like for them to go. Links can go like this: [] right next to the word or sentence you want it inserted in / on.

    If you're going to include links to other content outside of my blog, make sure it's not a bunch of "self-promotion". Meaning it's linking to valid sources and so on. (Yes, I check all sources, claims, etc.)
  • I'll need a brief 2 to 4 sentence bio about you and / or what you do.
  • SUGGESTION: You'll want to include a link to a specific landing page built around the content you submit. (It'll bump up your conversion rate, trust me.) And yes, you can include a content upgrade on your landing page. I won't advertise it in the post, though.
  • Got a good photo of yourself? Email that over to me, too, after I reach out to you.

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