Every sales and marketing aid You'll Need For Your Next Best Skin Care Class.

  • 10 product bundle
  • 34 pages total
  • (delivered in a PDF list + links to each product)


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You're in front of six women. Strangers. 

Six women deciding whether or not to buy from you. Whether or not they trust you.

Whether or not they even like you.

How you tackle your presentation can make or break the sale. (And shake or secure your prospective team member.)

The goal is to make your party seem as simple and effortless as possible.

You want them all thinking, I could totally do that! Even if they'll never join your team.

I've seen directors read from a piece of paper, and I've seen consultants memorize and deliver a breathtaking skin care class without a single reference.

Your preferred delivery method is up to you.

What matters is having the air of ease, comfort, and simplicity.

That's what this Bundle is for.

The Mary Kay Party & Marketing Bundle |

This Bundle helps to provide your class and your performance with cohesive casualness. And, of course, the most elegantly fun designs available.

The Ultimate Mary Kay Party & Marketing Bundle was brought together with you in mind. 

An array of fluid, class-guiding assistants for every important facet of your presentation. 

With a total of 10 products in one bundle, here's everything you get with this collection:

Product 1: The Mary Kay Party & Marketing Booklet


The Mary Kay Party & Marketing Booklet |
  • A Cover Page
  • TimeWise Repair® Class Outline
  • TimeWise® Miracle Set Class Outline
  • Botanical Effects® Class Outline
  • The Four F's of Mary Kay (Marketing)
  • Individual Closing & Booking
  • Sharing the Opportunity (1-on-1 or Group) Outline
  • The Starter Kit (Contents and more)
  • Sharing the Opportunity in 5 Minutes (Brief Rundown to be shared openly)
  • Owning Your Own Business Breakdown
  • Mary Kay Career Path to Director and Above
  • Mary Kay Career Cars
  • Total of 16 Pages

Products 2, 3, 4: Black Satin Full Mary Kay Party & Marketing Tray Placemats


  • 1 set of Skin Care and Cosmetics Menu Collection
  • 1 set of TimeWise Repair® Roll-Up Bag Pocket Selection Collection
  • 1 set of TimeWise® Miracle Set Roll-Up Bag Pocket Selection Collection

Product 5: Beauty Tray Inserts


  • 2-per-sheet duplicatable TimeWise Repair® Beauty Tray Inserts
  • 2-per-sheet duplicatable TimeWise® Miracle Set Beauty Tray Inserts
  • 2-per-sheet duplicatable Blank, Customizable Beauty Tray Inserts

Product 6: $100 FREE Hostess Plan


  • Front Page: 

    • "$100 Free to Party With Me" 5-step guide for your hostess
  • Back Page:
    • Suggested "Successful Party" Checklist
    • Guest List
    • Mary Kay Ash inspirational quote
The hostess plan, MK Marketing Money, Referrals, and Flyer from the Mary Kay Party & Marketing Bundle |

Product 7: Overcoming The Top 6 Common Concerns MK Money Flash Cards


  • 4 front and back 6 common concerns questions with concern vanquishing scripts on the back of each
  • 2 pages of full instructions with suggestions and ideas

Product 8: Fabulous Referrals Sheet

  • Collect referrals, fabulously!

Product 9: Faces Needed Party/Facial Booking Flyer

  • To assist in your party booking in-party or out!

Product 10: Mary Kay Call Log Sheet

  • Track every effort and action you make to book, sell, and recruit your way to the top.

Upgrade your Mary Kay Sales & Marketing Pitch


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How should I print these?

There are simple instructions for printing included on the PDF page with all the products links on it.

But, to answer your question, you can:

  • The Party & Marketing Booklet, placemats, and tray inserts are in full, high-definition color for high-quality presentations. For best quality print, print through an office store, like Staples or Office Depot.
  • The remaining products can be printed in black and white (or color) at home—inkjet or laser printer is fine. 
  • Many customers print on pastel pink paper in black and white for low-cost, yet super-cute pages.

What if I hate it?

I highly doubt you'll dislike it if you use it. My policy is no returns on digital products—eBooks, planners, etc. You cannot [honestly] return it to me, so there are no refunds. Courses have a 90-day return policy, and Amazon-purchased products have a 30-day return policy handled through Amazon.

How long does it take to get the download?

Depending on your Internet connection, as soon as your credit card is processed through Stripe or PayPal, your download will be emailed to you [almost] immediately.

Be sure to save that email with your link in it. The link is good for up to 1 year—just in case you "misplace" your copy.

More questions? 

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