Get All The Strategies From The Newer Solopreneur Email Group + Tons Of Bonus Content Only Found In This Step-By-Step E-Book.

Featuring 89 pages of tips to start or restart your business with strength, confidence, and preparedness.


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Detailing the basics to starting a strong business using direct questions and start up struggles from my solopreneur audience. This eBook covers topics on:

  • 8 Keys To Planning A Strong Solo Business
  • The Goal Cycle
  • Organization
  • Email Marketing
  • Your Website
  • Your Content
  • [Google] Analytics
  • Money Prioritization
  • Habits You Can Work [And Live] By
  • A Schedule Worth Sticking To + Seeing Through
  • Preparation + Persistence = Success
  • But What If I Fail...
Inside the New[er] Solopreneur Handbook |

Who It's For

  • for the "about to be" -solopreneur. You don't have a business yet, but you're educating yourself and getting ready to start your new venture.
  • for the brand new solopreneur. Your fresh in the game and learning what you can to start off smart and strong.
  • for the side hustling solopreneur. Your business is a part-time (or less...) venture at the moment. But you're serious about making it work and making it your primary income as soon as possible.
  • for the challenged solopreneur. You've been working your business for a while, but haven't gotten very far with it. You're ready to make some forward propulsion in your business and looking for a tool or strategy to [re]start on the right foot.

What You Get

  • the basics to setting up and maintainingg your [online] business (but in a more fun and interesting way than you might've already done)—including resources, tools, planning, prep, monetization and more
  • key action steps broken down into easy-to-digest strategies and tips from an experienced entrepreneur and observer
  • exclusive access to free content and courses [no longer available directly to the public]
  • bonus tools, printables, and resources I've used to grow and maintain my business—most all free, some are paid suggestions from my store and from others

"I have been working my side business for a couple years but never really got anywhere with it. I bought lots of courses, but still never committed to anything until I found your book, Sara. I love the steps and the 'adult homework' and following along with the free course and the book. In the first two weeks I re-built my website, started an email marketing campaign, and now am working on my very first digital product to sell to my growing email subscribers! This is a powerhouse book and I would recommend it to any business owner. Thank you Sara!"

—Karen Augustin, Graphic Designer

Take A Peek

[Re]Start Your Business With Strength And Smarts Using This Action-Infused E-Book


[ Securely delivered by Digital Prouct Delivery (DPD) with payments processed through Stripe or PayPal ]


How should I print this?

There are simple instructions for printing on the back of the front page.

But, to answer your question, you can:

  • Print in black and white for less expensive printing costs.
  • It prints best through a laser printer, but an inkjet printer will work fine, too.
  • Print front to back.
  • It can be used in a 3-ring binder, or spiral-bound at home or in an office store like Office Depot / Max or Staples.

What if I hate it?

I highly doubt you'll hate it if you use it. My policy is no returns on digital products—eBooks, planners, etc. You cannot [honestly] return it to me, so there are no refunds. Courses have a 90-day return policy, and Amazon-purchased products have a 30-day return policy handled through Amazon.

How long does it take to get the download?

Depending on your Internet connection, as soon as your credit card is processed through Stripe or PayPal, your download will be emailed to you [almost] immediately.

Be sure to save that email with your link in it. The link is good for up to 1 year—just in case you "misplace" your copy.

What's different from the free email course?

Quite a bit, actually.

This eBook goes more in-depth than the free email course does—on every topic. It includes bonus content and PDFs not available to the free course participants.

Plus, it's all delivered in one shot. So you can still follow through with the 12-week email course, but you'll get a robust education and additional strategies not included in the course.

More questions?

Reach out to me via the contact page.