Pinterest Strategy: How I Use BoardBooster's Random Pinning Campaigns To Grow My Business Online

How I use BoardBooster's Random Pinning Campaign to grow my Pinterest presence and website traffic.

Slow and steady wins the race.

The "Movers" cackle and "Steady Pacers" think, but when?

But don't despair. You, the slow and steady solopreneur can win "the race" sleaze-lessly by using a simpler marketing strategy.

I've written a few budget-friendly marketing bits for people who hate marketing (but know they need to do it to grow).

Like this one, about a piece of online software that's like having a little Pinterest virtual assistant that doesn't cost much and really wants to help you succeed.

It's called BoardBooster

If you're looking to streamline your Pinterest marketing strategy to:

  • lighten up some of your marketing workload
  • spend less time manually shuffling around Pins
  • spend more time doing and creating for your business
  • see exponential growth in half the time (my account, for example)

... then any one of these reasons makes this post a perfect fit for you right now.

Read on if you're ready to take your visual marketing strategy to the next level and beyond.

What is BoardBooster?

BoardBooster Pinterest Pinning Tool | Random Campaign Screenshot |

BoardBooster is a Pinterest automation tool. It offers several different services including:

  • Pinning Tools: Scheduler and Campaigns—Random (what we'll talk about), Scheduler, and Looping
  • Maintenance Tools: Pin Mover, Pin Doctor, Group [Board] Manager
  • Reports

Picture BoardBooster as your own Pinterest Growth Strategist in a low-cost monthly subscription.

Why don't you use Buffer to automate all your Pins?

If you've read the post on creating a killer social strategy—using Buffer and my custom business spreadsheets—you may be surprised to read that I don't solely use Buffer.

(As much as I chirp about them, at least. Because I think I did mention starting to use BoardBooster in that post.)

Anyhow, the main reasons why I took on the [minor] extra business expense with BoardBooster (let's call it BB) was because:

  • Buffer posts to Pinterest as a new post. So, if you "Re-Buffer" (re-add successful Pins into circulation), Pinterest will recognize it as an extra pin of the same thing—a duplicate Pin. So, re-cycling Pins through Buffer isn't a valid option. You don't want to break Pinterest's Terms of Use or anything...
  • Buffer still requires manual work. BB does, too—don't get me wrong. But if you Pin from Buffer, to circulate that Pin still requires you to go into Pinterest and pin that scheduled post to all your relevant boards and Group boards.
  • I needed something that would circulate 50+ Pins every day. Automatically. 

And that's where this post comes in...

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How do you use BoardBooster?

I use BoardBooster's Random Campaigns under the Pinning Tools dropdown menu.

Pinterest social and referral sessions for August 2016 |

It may not be the best way, but it's the strategy I use to circulate well over 50 pins per day.

You know, the 50 pins per day that has allowed me to grow from a stagnant 120 Pinterest followers for a few years (pre- converting my account to a business and deleting all the personal content) to, now, 540(+) followers earned between May 2016 to September 2016.

And let's not forget about the traffic...

In August 2016, Pinterest brought in 16,910 sessions with a conversion rate (how many visitors become email subscribers and / or customers) of 9.82%.

What does BB have to do with that?

Well, if it wasn't for BoardBooster, I'd say 16-thousand sessions might've been more like 900. 

So, if you're interested in how the Random Campaigns can work for you, check out the video below.

(I threw in a few little Pinterest marketing gems you'll want to take notes on, too.)

So, I use BoardBooster to:

  • Randomly Pin over 50 posts per day from a total of 8 "Source Boards"—4 segmented categories of my own content, and 4 segmented of others'.
  • Circulate my content and awesome posts from others over and over again. Which leads to a better chance of people seeing your valuable posts.
  • Alleviate lots of stress and free up lots of time.
Using the button below, start your free 1 month trial of BoardBooster under my "Invite Link". After your free trial ends, BoardBooster's monthly plans start at a manageable $10/month to cycle 1,000 pins for 30 days. (Higher pin-count plans are available.)

("Affiliate" link—I will get credit to my BoardBooster account if you choose to purchase the monthly subscription.)


Now, I don't rely 100% on BoardBooster to circulate posts all the time.

#Pinterest Strategy: How I Use #BoardBooster's Random Pinning Campaigns To Grow My Business Online. Click through for the details, strategy + video tutorial, or Save this for later!

Just like I mentioned in the video, I add to the Source Boards—where all the content cycles out from—at least 5 to 10 times per day.

And for me, that means reading 10 or more posts each day, too.

I add my newest piece of content the day it's published (every other Tuesday now), and Pin all the Pinterest-optimized—tall and text overlay—images to all the appropriate boards.

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If I come across a post that's pretty good and my audience would like it, yet I wouldn't continuously re-post it (by adding it to a Source Board), I just Pin it to one Board and move onto the next piece of content.

See how that works?

Check out BoardBooster today.

It's been such an incredible tool for my Pinterest strategy. I know it will be for you, too.

Enjoy! And thanks for reading.


P.S. Comments, emails, running a business and being a mom of 3 were just too much for me to handle all together, apparently. But the lack of a comment box doesn't mean I don't want to hear what you think! Share your thoughts with me via @GoffCreative on Twitter or directly via email.

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