The Blog Blueprint: How To Create An Effective Content Plan

The Blog Blueprint: How To Create An Effective Content Plan

Picture this... 

Your blog posts are living, breathing children. (What? Bear with me for a moment.)

You want the best for them. You want them to be "brought up" as strong, smart, and healthy, independent beings.

Maybe they weren't all "planned" in the traditional sense, but they're all good kids.

They make you proud.

Even the ones that aren't your own flesh and blood (guest posts hosted on your blog, if you didn't catch that one).

So, without getting all controversial with my views on parenting, typically we all want to bring up good, smart, and healthy children, right?

Not just for our children, but for ourselves.

There's a certain pride when someone compliments how good or well-mannered your child is.

Sure, some kids are just good from the start. But others are taught—they're brought up to be good, thoughtful people.

The same thing goes for your blog content.

Some topics are just going to win with people. Some blog post types are just going to work better than others.

The key is to know, acknowledge, and apply your smart strategies to growth. (That works for both the kids example and the point of this post—blogging.)

The key is to have a plan.

Whether you're thinking about starting a blog or you've been blogging with or without a plan for a while, this post will help you to create an effective map for your content.

Because, let's face it. Your content's success is only as good as the plan—the foundation—supporting the action.

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