How to Introduce Your Business Like a Sales Ninja

How to Introduce Your Business Like a Sales Ninja

", what do you do?"

Do you readily have a killer, engaging answer dancing on the tip of your tongue? 

Or did your heart just skip a beat at the thought?

If you could deliver a captivating answer to the inevitable "what do you do?" question that you'll know like the back of your hand, would you feel more confident talking about your business?

I remember exactly the moment in my sales career when I went from feeling like I may vomit all over their shoes to assuredly seeking and chatting with prospects. 

What if you could recite your brief business introduction repeatedly and naturally so that it sparks a conversation and potentially seeds a new customer?

The goal of networking isn't to strum up numerous leads, but to spark a conversation. 

Your introduction is your chance to start a substantial business relationship.

Just like with your website, you only have a few seconds to get people to care about you and what you do.

Build your natural, targeted and repeatable business intro using the key formulas in this post.

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