The Secret To Creating Irresistible Content Upgrades That Increase Email Subscribers And Add Value

The Secret To Creating Irresistible Content Upgrades That Increase Email Subscribers And Add Value


Another email list growth strategy.

The third one she found on Twitter... Today.

Why are they all the same? 

Lofty promises veiled with translucent steps to get you there. 

So, she emptied her email inbox of all the "extra information" she didn't need at that moment. She exited from all the social media tabs she'd left open, and put her phone on "Airplane Mode".

Let's find some clarity in all this noise, she thought.

What can I create that will help close the visitor-to-subscriber decision-making gap for readers?

She grabbed a piece of clean printer paper from her desk drawer and focused on what, exactly, she was doing with her website and content strategy.

She created a simple, bulleted list that started with:

  • consistently posts long-form content every week—Check
  • content is reader-focused and highly beneficial—Check
  • uses lots of examples, proof, and imagery—Check
  • consistently shares 6 days a week on all the right social channels—Check
  • engages with other bloggers and industry leaders—Check
  • engages with audience and email subscribers consistently—Check

What am I doing wrong? She thought.

Reading this list, there was no possible way that her email opt-in rate was so low. She was getting decent enough traffic to her website and blog, but a very limited amount of visitors were taking the next step with her.

She couldn't understand why. With a sidebar opt-in, homepage opt-in, footer, in-blog links, and on and on opt-in offers–they were barely converting 1 out of every 80 visitors into email subscribers.

This happens to most new bloggers.

Whether or not you'd like to admit that this has ever happened to you, you're reading this because you know to make that next launch profitable, increase product sales, or generate more service-based leads, you know that you need more target email subscribers.

But how can you start with strength?

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