8 Time Management Tools You Should Use For Killer Productivity

8 Time Management Tools You Should Use For Killer Productivity


Always tick-tick-ticking away.

Some days you're working from sun up to sun down. And at the end of the day, you have no idea what you actually did.

It's happened to the best of us.

One thing I've found in close to 6 years of straight-entrepreneurship and collectively 13 years throughout my lifetime, is that there's no tool that'll "fix" your time problem.

Gasp! But the title says "8 Time Management Tools.."?!

Yep. I know.

The deal is: Time management tools rely on you.

If you're not willing to adhere to your a system that works for you, there's no tool in the world that'll fix the problem.

Whether you've gotten to the point where you've invested tons of money in tools, books, or productivity courses, or maybe you're just fed up with "running out of time" more often than not—this post is for you.

The person ready to take tools and motivation to navigate your business to a more productive future.

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How to Simply and Effectively Organize Your Work-From-Home Schedule

How to Simply and Effectively Organize Your Work-From-Home Schedule

Imagine your schedule right now.

What does it look like?

A hodgepodge of disorder, clean and consistent—or maybe you don't have a schedule and just go with it? 

Whether you're one of those "naturally organized" parents or you're on the other end of the spectrum—we all need a little order to run our lives and keep up with our families.

If you're anything like me, keeping up with multiple children while working from home requires lots of planning and scheduling.

With this, I'm able to keep the kids happy, the Mama sane, and tantrums and meltdowns to a minimum.

The following tips, techniques, and examples have been milked from my 7 years as a mompreneur. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed meticulously developing them for you.

(Oh yeah. I'm that person.)

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6 Top Blog Posts of 2016 (The Why, How, And What Of My Content Marketing Success)

6 Top Blog Posts of 2016 (The Why, How, And What Of My Content Marketing Success)

What is it about some blog posts that just works?

Whether you put a lot of stock in something, or you're caught by surprise with a viral post you never expected to get very far with—there's a strategy to it. And if there wasn't, you can find out how to make more content that your audience actually wants by digging into desirable posts you've already written.

If you're just starting out, this post is a good exploration of what put my top 6 pieces on the map. And if you're experienced in content development and marketing, this'll give you a peek at what a growth and productivity hacking blogger's audience wants.

Get the full skinny here.

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The Blog Blueprint: How To Procure Your Content Passion

The Blog Blueprint: How To Procure Your Content Passion

It excites you.

It motivates you to get out of bed in the morning—even when you're sick, tired, or hungover from last night...

It's bigger than you are.

And it has the power to fuel everything you do in life and in business.

It's your passion.

Your passion can ignite your content and mark you as the expert you are to your audience.

Your passion is the base to your content and your business.

But these words mean nothing if you're reading them and thinking, "Yeah, okay. But I don't have a 'passion', per se. I like some things and I don't like others."

I get it. But, without that passion-induced motivation, your blog and business won't go very far.

So, if you're looking to boost your content journey, heighten your business and content, or help to set your work apart from others in your niche—then this post is for you.

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The Secret To Creating Irresistible Content Upgrades That Increase Email Subscribers And Add Value

The Secret To Creating Irresistible Content Upgrades That Increase Email Subscribers And Add Value


Another email list growth strategy.

The third one she found on Twitter... Today.

Why are they all the same? 

Lofty promises veiled with translucent steps to get you there. 

So, she emptied her email inbox of all the "extra information" she didn't need at that moment. She exited from all the social media tabs she'd left open, and put her phone on "Airplane Mode".

Let's find some clarity in all this noise, she thought.

What can I create that will help close the visitor-to-subscriber decision-making gap for readers?

She grabbed a piece of clean printer paper from her desk drawer and focused on what, exactly, she was doing with her website and content strategy.

She created a simple, bulleted list that started with:

  • consistently posts long-form content every week—Check
  • content is reader-focused and highly beneficial—Check
  • uses lots of examples, proof, and imagery—Check
  • consistently shares 6 days a week on all the right social channels—Check
  • engages with other bloggers and industry leaders—Check
  • engages with audience and email subscribers consistently—Check

What am I doing wrong? She thought.

Reading this list, there was no possible way that her email opt-in rate was so low. She was getting decent enough traffic to her website and blog, but a very limited amount of visitors were taking the next step with her.

She couldn't understand why. With a sidebar opt-in, homepage opt-in, footer, in-blog links, and on and on opt-in offers–they were barely converting 1 out of every 80 visitors into email subscribers.

This happens to most new bloggers.

Whether or not you'd like to admit that this has ever happened to you, you're reading this because you know to make that next launch profitable, increase product sales, or generate more service-based leads, you know that you need more target email subscribers.

But how can you start with strength?

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How to Create A Simple Social Strategy For The Active Entrepreneur

How to Create A Simple Social Strategy For The Active Entrepreneur

You're busy.

Boy are you busy.

But, as busy as you are, you're not making much a dent online, are you?

I get it. It's almost a full-time job keeping up with your website, your social media accounts, and all those emails. Oh, those emails...

That's why I wrote this post.

I'm frigging busy, but I know that my business doesn't grow unless I'm actively working at growing it online. And let me tell you, it's a heck of a lot easier than going door-to-door or sending out flyers.

Not only is that insanely expensive, but the ROI is minimal.

To lighten my daily, weekly, and monthly marketing load, I created a super-simple solution using a 3-tool system to promote my social content strategy.

Because growing your business online, with or without spending a bunch of money takes active engagement.

Why not automate as much as possible, right?

So here's my secret social system, exposed, just for you.

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How to Get Started in Direct Sales Like a Primed Pro

How to Get Started in Direct Sales Like a Primed Pro

Entrepreneurship isn't for everyone.

Sure, anyone with enough motivation, influence, and encouragement can make it work. 

But making it a successful undertaking takes a leader—business-minded hard-working entrepreneur.

Network Marketing (or Direct Sales) can be a "test drive" for entrepreneurship or a "full-throttle" venture.

It's up to you to pave the road.

Whether you're currently a direct seller or are interested in seeing what it's all about, I'm going to confidently state that there's some great info on the internet for direct sellers, already.

But, there's also a lot of absolute, fictitious garbage, too.

I'm talking about crappy advice like "Fast Start" and the "just do it and learn it as you go" [mostly] malarkey. When did a professional business opportunity turn into a "get rich quick scheme"? 

If that's what you're looking for, this series is not for you.

If you want to start and maintain a direct sales business that'll allow you to sleep peacefully at night, create long-term success, and build a strong team and customer base—you're in the right place.

This first post of the 5-part series covers everything you need to know about starting your direct sales business with strength.

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4 Ways to Win at Vendor Events

4 Ways to Win at Vendor Events

Let's talk about why you need to win.

The date is set. Your case is packed.

It's go time.

As you walk through the horde of vendors setting up their displays, your heart is thumping in your chest. 

You're nervous, but on the outside you look like you know what you're doing—at least you hope you do. 

You walk with confidence, nodding and smiling to vendors as you pass.

Then you see it.

Your bare, eight-foot table right at the end of a row. 

People will be able to see your display from 3 angles. The figurative spot light will be bearing down on you for the next 6 hours.

What do you do?

You win. 

How? Because you showed up with an arsenal of 4 ways to win at vendor events, prepared to maximize your time and money, and totally knowledgeable on what to expect from this very show that you're about to rock the hypothetical socks off of.


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