How to Get Started in Direct Sales Like a Primed Pro

How to Get Started in Direct Sales Like a Primed Pro

Entrepreneurship isn't for everyone.

Sure, anyone with enough motivation, influence, and encouragement can make it work. 

But making it a successful undertaking takes a leader—business-minded hard-working entrepreneur.

Network Marketing (or Direct Sales) can be a "test drive" for entrepreneurship or a "full-throttle" venture.

It's up to you to pave the road.

Whether you're currently a direct seller or are interested in seeing what it's all about, I'm going to confidently state that there's some great info on the internet for direct sellers, already.

But, there's also a lot of absolute, fictitious garbage, too.

I'm talking about crappy advice like "Fast Start" and the "just do it and learn it as you go" [mostly] malarkey. When did a professional business opportunity turn into a "get rich quick scheme"? 

If that's what you're looking for, this series is not for you.

If you want to start and maintain a direct sales business that'll allow you to sleep peacefully at night, create long-term success, and build a strong team and customer base—you're in the right place.

This first post of the 5-part series covers everything you need to know about starting your direct sales business with strength.

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How to Start Organizing Your Business in an Active Space

How to Start Organizing Your Business in an Active Space

Don't gamble with disorder.

Your work relies on you.

Success or failure in business can come down to many factors:

  • poor money management
  • lack of financial backing
  • poor communication skills
  • lack of time management
  • and much more

As a solopreneur business coach, I've run into one major time-sucking, focus-stealing, nasty little leach of a problem. 

Lack of organization.

"That word" might make you cringe.

It might make your tummy turn or make you go into defense mode. I know, I know. I've got to get organized. But it's such hard work.

Getting and staying organized is a part-time job. I know. 

So we're going to start at the root of the problem and let organization ooze into your everyday life.

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How to Find Vendor Events

How to Find Vendor Events

Let me ask you a simple question.

Do you want to find more qualified leads?

(Stupid question, right? Well I've got your back.)

You've learned everything you need to know before booking events

You've learned how to maximize your time and money at the events, and the four ways to win at those events, too.

Now, it's time to find the shows, book them and get your fresh leads.

In this last post of the 4 part vendor series, I'm going to do what no one else (visible, at least) has done before.

(I've got to admit, it's exciting for me to be able to provide something that is new to the Internet.)

I'm going to share the strategies I used to find all my events and the resources to bring you this post in the first place. 

There'll be links to a few networking sites to get your brand out there. 

And links to a few event source sites to help you expand your lead generation and business reach. 


Let's get to cracking open how to find vendor events, once and for all.


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4 Ways to Win at Vendor Events

4 Ways to Win at Vendor Events

Let's talk about why you need to win.

The date is set. Your case is packed.

It's go time.

As you walk through the horde of vendors setting up their displays, your heart is thumping in your chest. 

You're nervous, but on the outside you look like you know what you're doing—at least you hope you do. 

You walk with confidence, nodding and smiling to vendors as you pass.

Then you see it.

Your bare, eight-foot table right at the end of a row. 

People will be able to see your display from 3 angles. The figurative spot light will be bearing down on you for the next 6 hours.

What do you do?

You win. 

How? Because you showed up with an arsenal of 4 ways to win at vendor events, prepared to maximize your time and money, and totally knowledgeable on what to expect from this very show that you're about to rock the hypothetical socks off of.


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How To Maximize Your Time And Money at Vendor Events

How To Maximize Your Time And Money at Vendor Events

If I'm not mistaken, you're the kind of person who values your time and money.

After plenty of potentially wasteful events, I found other strategies to not only bring the event more visitors, but to fully utilize.

 However, many hours I was standing at a booth. 

In this second post of our 4-part Vendor Series, I'll guide you through 7 event-boosting methods to nurture every opportunity to amplify profits and time spent at your vendor events.

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Network with vendors
  3. Reconnect with customers
  4. Connect with attendees
  5. Increase brand recognition
  6. Get contact information
  7. Set up consultations

Let's get started.


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