The Ultimate Blogger's Bundle

A 3-product pack essential to new and intermediate bloggers—plan, prep, engage, and track with this Blogger's Dream Kit. Includes the #BlogStrategy Planner, the Content Planning Workshop, and #MyBestWeek Planner.

The Ultimate Business Bundle

A fundamental set of 4 products to start, enhance, and/or maintain your solopreneur business with. Includes the Business Spreadsheets, the New[er] Solopreneur Business Handbook, #4DayGoals Goal Development eBook + Workbook, and #MyBestWeek Planner.


The Content Planning Workshop

90 minutes of content planning and development workshop recordings split into 2 easy-to-digest modules.

Includes the popular 45-page Content Planner (guided workbook) + 6 bonus worksheets to maintain and advance your content planning and strategy immediately and over time.

[ Available till September 2017 ]

This 5-day mini email course features 5+ of my audience's most common productivity struggles, solved in as little as 10-minutes of implementation each day. [ FREE ]

Get my 8 simple—blog, email, social media—content hacks to help you create and maintain a better, stronger content strategy (and prospect relationships, too). [ FREE ]


The Newer Solopreneur Handbook

All the strategies from the New[er] Solopreneur Email Group + tons of bonus content only found in this step-by-step eBook. Features 89 pages of tips to start or restart your business with strength, confidence, and preparedness.

The Striving Solopreneur Handbook

Fast-track the basics to getting "unstuck" with these easy-to-follow action steps. This handbook details the 12-week Striving Solopreneur Email Series, plus lots of bonus content exclusive to this action-foucsed 69-page eBook.


The Content Strategy Planner [12 Months]

The Amazon-based 268-page paperback Second Edition Content Strategy Planner guides you, step-by-step through 53 weeks (12 months) of content planning, strategy mapping and development. Includes a blog and content walkthrough, strategy suggestions, opportunities tracking, and up to 270 basic content outlines.

The #BlogStrategy Planner [12 Months]

Thorough yet simple planning for your entire blog and email content strategy using this one-time-buy, 12-month printable planner. Ideal for new[er] to intermediate bloggers who are ready to focus on consistency, growth, and long-term strength-building for their content planning and strategy.