In your solopreneur business, what's most important to you right now?

"I want to create better, smarter content to grow my solo business online (and off)."


"I want long-term, easy-to-apply strategies to be a more productive solopreneur."


"I want growth [hacking] strategies to help me succeed, organically, in my solo business."


"You have been a beacon for me. You helped me to earn my first $1,000 passive income month and I am so grateful to you, Sara. I've been following all your time management work and have been a quiet customer for about a year and I finally had to let you know how much of a difference you have made in my business.

"Thanks Sara."

—Karen Augustin, Graphic Designer

Hi! I'm Sara.

And I help solopreneurs (like you) create and maintain productive, growth-focused businesses from the foundation, up.


In a nutshell, I use personal and professional experiences from the past, and take risks in the present to help you for the future.


Because I got tired of the run-around.

With over 10 years experience with "in person only" entrepreneurial ventures, I knew transitioning to the online realm wasn't going to be easy.

And with so much "explode your email list" and "grow your blog to $10k overnight" bullshit flooding the Internet, I knew there had to be a better way.

It takes time. But when you do it right and you do it well, your customers, readers and followers don't need you to bullshit them in attempt to get them to buy, share, or whatever else you want them to do for you.

They'll do it because you asked. Because they trust you.

Because they like you.

And back in 2014 when I was just starting out online, no one seemed to "get" what I needed help with most.

All I wanted was to start an online business with strength, learn how to get myself out of ruts when those pesky things happen, and maintain and grow from there on out.

That's it. Simple enough, right?

But I never quite found that light at the end of the murky, bullshit-filled tunnel.

So I started "digging" my own path, instead.

And now, after working with some of my incredible clients, customers, and even other online entrepreneurs—we tested and approved some simple, easy-to-apply strategies to help you:

(Because someone had to do it. *Winks*)


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